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Y Edge℠ delivers transformational expertise beyond Y Solve portfolio companies

Leadership Development Challenges

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Leadership Center of Excellence

The Leadership Center of Excellence supports organizations who are invested in growing leadership capacity and team effectiveness. Our transformative services include Adaptive Coaching, Engaged Leadership, and Holistic Good Business.

Our Services

Adaptive Coaching. Our innovative psychological, social and organizational modeling enables our individual and team coaching programs to foster higher-value personal, team and institutional change. Our unique expertise helps leaders better navigate current challenges and develop essential skills for better actualizing more valuable legacies.

Engaged Leadership. Our tailored Engaged Leadership programming establishes capabilities essential for short and long-term organizational viabilities. Often deployed within an organization’s leadership team, our trainings are positioned to aligned leadership skills and the execution of strategy.

Holistic Good Business. The Holistic Good Business (HGB) service operates at the intersection of human capital and strategy. HGB uses the principles of inclusion to create strategic advantage, making it essential for organizations aiming to thrive in today's diverse and dynamic business environment. HGB leverages cultural diversity, inclusivity in decision-making, adaptability, cultural competence in leadership, alignment with global trends, and a commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility. With HGB, clients can increase market reach, improve team dynamics, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure sustainable business growth.

New Venture Development

The New Venture Development group delivers Y Venture™, a comprehensive suite of strategy, services, and tools that help companies and non-profits accelerate growth and drive higher performance.

Y Venture Services

  • Customer acquisition and retention – Incisive implementation strategies to improve customer metrics.

  • Exit Strategy – Analysis and recommendation for creating liquidity events.

  • Financial – Pricing optimization, financial model development, and capital raise support.

  • Governance – Framework of board responsibilities, organization oversight, and policies.

  • Human Capital – Skillset assessment, leadership development, and coaching for staff members.

  • Innovation – Innovation for Accelerated ImprovementSM: proprietary framework to accelerate achievement of business/organization goals.

  • Operational Efficiency – A data driven framework to optimize resource utilization, production, and product distribution.

  • Product and Services – Market assessment and due diligence for established, growth and new products and services.

  • Stakeholder Engagement – Plan and implementation strategy to engage all who have a stake in your association’s/non-profit’s success.

  • Strategy – Business plans, implementation plans, and growth strategies.

  • Technology – Assessment of current software stack to optimize cost, compatibility, and performance.

  • Theory of Change and Logic Models – Non-profits and associations benefit from having clear Theory of Change and Logic Model strategy to provide a roadmap for impact.

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