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The cloud is no longer a mystery, its a box in your home

Your Data

         Your Revenue

                  To Protect The World

Decentralized storage and computing built by Americans

With practical cloud decentralization, the UWC node network supported by US citizens creates a cloud network that is more secure and actually benefits the lives of every American.


The Cloud is no longer a mystery, it is now a box in your home. 

Web 3.0 Cloud Decentralization

Redefining the archaic cloud network and infrastructure with the newest serverless hardware and technology platform 

Versatility in Application

UWC Community Network provides a new application of Cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain, and P2P all while remaining sustainable

Mainstreaming  True Decentralization

Introducing Plug and Earn nodes to bring the Web 3.0 network into our everyday lives for the benefit of all US citizens

Community Network

UWC node network is built by US citizens to shift the control and profit away from Big Data 

Unprecedented Deployment
Impeccable Reliability

UWC is mainstreaming a practical decentralized cloud network. We give US households the option to take control of their data and the associated profits. US households lease UWC Citizen Nodes to earn passive income while creating a new Web 3.0 cloud network that encompasses Blockchain, AI, Cybersecurity, and P2P technologies. With nodes being secured by US households, UWC manages the network, the distribution, the security, and the sale of cloud services. With UWC, a new dawn of cloud storage and computing has arrived. 

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